Cicero Discovery provides activity intelligence by capturing, storing, and reporting activities and events across applications, time and users to map employee effort and highlight areas of improvement in business processes, compliance, training, and application utilization.

Measure idle time, time on task

Monitor for compliance, rules

Target Bottlenecks, process issues

Supply data to 3rd party apps (WFM, WFO, etc.)

Identify redundant data entry, erroneous errors

Cicero Discovery is a lightweight and configurable tool to collect activity and application performance data and track business objects across time and across multiple users as well as measure against a defined “expected” business process flow, either for analysis or to feed a third party application. Cicero Discovery helps customers identify what is actually happening to an object through its life cycle and identify optimal business process and/or critical steps that are missing or holding up the process.

Cicero Discovery allows you to:

  • Identify inconsistent workflow or missing steps
  • Monitor for PCI and HIPAA compliance
  • Pinpoint repetitive and manual tasks
  • Capture where copying happens and how often
  • Identify if employees are navigating several screens
  • Capture, analyze, and focus on KPIs and metrics
  • Monitor business rules and policies
  • Supply desktop data BI, BAM, BPM, WFM, etc.
  • Improve usage and better leverage IT investments
  • Gather empirical, objective data about how your people, processes and technology help or hurt service delivery
  • Identify and prioritize work process issues that need to be addressed
  • Improve employee productivity and operational performance
  • Identify and reduce compliance, fraud, and company policy loopholes
  • Reduce costs through surgical wasted effort or application maintenance identification
  • Target workflow and process issues that impact the customer experience
  • Support big data initiatives by capturing both the worker and customer interaction journey
  • Configure the amount of data detail that you want to capture
  • Track business objects across users and computers
  • Real-time and historical reporting
  • Cicero Data Subscription Service (CDSS) provides real-time access to data for third party applications such as call recording at either desktop or server
  • Track cut/copy events to detect inefficiencies and fraud opportunities
  • Monitor system and network performance issues and gather data for troubleshooting
  • Track application and web-site usage, set approved/unapproved, business or personal use criteria
Use Cases

Top Use Cases in Contact Centers

  • Monitoring and reporting on compliance, adherence and other business requirements
  • Identifying areas for process automation and integration
  • Monitoring employee productivity and identifying top performers, etc.
  • Identifying problems (connectivity, availability) with enterprise applications
  • Providing an application and workstation inventory with system details
  • Monitoring data entry and data quality, and flagging issues for follow-up
  • Monitoring security and access to sensitive data such as financial information
  • Identifying screens and applications that can be sunset

Top Use Cases in the Back Office

  • Generating reports on idle time, after-call work, time spent on unauthorized websites
  • Identifying if employees are navigating several screens (clicking, Alt+Tab) to complete tasks
  • Capturing problems with desktop application performance (processes, RAM, uptime, response times, etc.)
  • Identifying missing steps, redundant tasks, and other automation opportunities
  • Providing historical and real-time data about network connectivity with each workstation and the applications running on them
  • Flagging times and logging when employees do not follow PCI or HIPAA rules, such as turning off call recording or entering confidential data
  • Distinguishing between top and bottom performers
  • Capturing where copying and cutting happens and how often it occurs across applications and screens
  • Providing guidance alerts when certain events occur
  • Feeding third-party WFM and BI applications

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